Friday, April 17, 2015

Tents For Camping And Hiking

Camping In The Mountain
Summer holidays spent outdoors or to be more precise, with nature, is a great way to fill your holidays with exciting happy memories. Get away from it all, so to say.

Camping with your family in tow is also a great way to bond, amid fresh mountain air, the sound of birds calling and the whistling of a gentle breeze.

Before you start heading to the mountains or camping grounds, first check out your camping tent. Do you have one? Is it still in good condition? Are you bringing your dog?  

Family camping tents with screen porch would be most suitable for those with pets tagging along as the screened front porch can be used as the sheltered place for your dog to sleep. It can also double up as a place for meals or a sun room to relax and play card games. Yes, a camping tent with a screen room means out with the bugs, in with the breeze.

When it comes to tents, there are many choices. Should you get a camping tent with rooms such as a 3 room cabin tent or go for those large family tents for 10 - 16 people. These large family tents come with room dividers which can be removed to form one large room if the need arises.

Then you have those instant tents which just pop up and can just as easily be dismantled. Hiking and backpacking tents are smaller and lighter meant for one to four person.

Nice and useful features to have in a family camping tent:

  • Waterproof tent walls and floor
  • Spacious
  • Tall tent so that you can stand up straight when inside
  • Attached screen room or front porch to keep out the bugs
  • Room dividers or zipped walls so that you can have privacy when needed.
  • Hanging pockets for small necessities.
  • Mesh roof for admiring the starry night sky (Standby the rainfly for the unexpected rain)
Getting the campfire ready is an adventure in itself. Normally, the campfire is outside the tent but there are tents where you can have the campfire right inside the tent itself.

The Tentipi adventure tents are single pole tents with an innovative stove and chimney design. You've got to check them out and read all about their campfire right inside the tent.

Whether solo backpacking or camping with family, a good quality tent is an important necessity for a memorable camping trip. Cheap flimsy ones will get blown away by strong winds and washed out by heavy rain.

Check out reviews of lightweight backpacking tents before buying.

Here's to an awesome camping holiday!

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