Sunday, September 6, 2015

Home Turkey Fryer For Delicious Fried Turkey

A traditional Thanksgiving feast would always have the fried/roast turkey on its menu. A lip smacking delicious crispy skin fried turkey is the main attraction in my family's Thanksgiving dinner.

The indoor electric turkey fryer is certainly a good investment if it is within your budget. It eliminates the danger posed by an open flame.

With the turkey fryer, it will free up your oven space for other baked food items.

One of the first concern about frying a turkey would have to be safety. Frying one over an open flame can be dangerous if not done with proper safety precautions.

If you are nervous about open flames, then an indoor electric turkey fryer such as the Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Gen III Electric Fryer Cooker might be a better alternative for you.

Whether using outdoor or indoor turkey fryers, there are some precautions to be aware of.

  1. Do not fill oil above the maximum fill line. Overflowing of hot oil can be dangerous.
  2. Never put a frozen turkey into the hot oil. There will be a lot of splattering of the hot oil which can cause a fire or an explosion when the hot oil splatters onto the open flame of the burner. This can cause serious injuries.
  3. When lowering the thawed and dried turkey into the hot oil, go as slow as possible to avoid sudden splashing or overflowing of hot oil.
  4. If using an open flame turkey fryer, it is a good idea to turn off the flame when putting in the bird. At least, just in case the hot oil overflows, there won't be the possibility of a fire.
  5. Maintain the correct temperature of 350 degrees throughout. Check out the total cooking time needed; normally, it is about 3.5 - 4 minutes per pound of turkey weight. Fryers that come with thermostat control and timer make the job easier.

You might find that the most difficult part of frying a turkey is the putting in and taking out part. It is safer to switch off the fire when lowering or raising the turkey.

Oil Free Turkey Fryer

For a healthier version of fried turkey, you have now the oil free infra red turkey fryer. This is also good for those who do not wish to handle a pot of boiling oil.

The oil free fryer means no extra expenditure on expensive peanut oil, no dangers of getting splashed and scalded by hot boiling oil or worse, starting a fire because of the hot oil.

It is also great for those who just wish to cook one turkey for Thanksgiving. You do not have a pot of fried turkey oil to keep or to dispose of. For just one turkey, it might not be worth the extra expenditure on the pot of oil.

There is another delicious side effect of the oil less fryer. The excess oil and juices from the turkey drips onto a detachable dripping tray below the cooking basket where the turkey sits. You can use this drippings for making tasty gravy.

It is also possible to stuff your turkey with herbs, wild rice, onions, carrots, chestnuts, garlic etc which would have been impossible with the oil fried bird.

Crispy outside, juicy inside - the perfect home cooked turkey for Thanksgiving made possible by the turkey fryer for home use. Your family and invited friends will be thrilled.

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