Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cookbooks As Gifts

If you love cooking, you'll love cookbooks. Whether these are cookbooks with recipes from around the world or cookbooks with stories that you read like a novel, these recipe books contribute to the joy of cooking.

Cookbooks with lots of pictures especially gorgeous images of delicious food, make it easy to have the desire to start cooking and looking forward to the end results.

I still have the recipe book for beginners that my dad gave me when I first started college.

Yes, it did help me a lot. The cookbook for beginners come with recipes that require just a few ingredients.

If you're just starting out on your home cooking journey, then the simple recipes cookbooks are the way to go.

Checking out the cookbooks with recipes from around the world is like going on an exotic journey into the kitchens from around the world.

Check out the delicate art of sushi in the Japanese kitchen, the super spicy devil's curry from South East Asia, Kung Pao chicken from the Chinese kitchen, Scotch eggs as well as steak and kidney pies from England or the Tandoori chicken from India.

Classic cookbooks make great housewarming gifts for the home cooks.

Those on a low fat diet would surely love the cookbooks with calorie counts and nutritional information listed for each recipe.

Trying to encourage your college kids or young adults to start cooking healthy meals at home? Well, start by giving them cookbooks with simple recipes or even those with meal plans included.

There are also good niche cookbooks such as those specially written for diabetics or those looking for low cholesterol meals.

Signed cookbooks or those that come with a signed bookplate would make lovely gifts for cookbook collectors.

So, are you one of those whose kitchen shelf is filled with cookbooks of all kinds? You're certainly not alone.

Cookbooks with notes jotted down and passed down through the generations are filled with not only lovely recipes but also cherished memories.

I especially love those cookbooks with stories. Reading these stories take me back through the years, imagining the laughter and tears, the noise and aroma of these old kitchens and what life is like back then.

Reading about the techniques and methods used in the olden day kitchens and comparing with the smart kitchens of today make me appreciate modern life with its advanced technology.

Is it time to buy a gift for mom or dad? Think of the cookbook on backyard grilling or perhaps cookbooks for busy moms.

Gifting mom an easy herb garden kit together with that lovely recipe book sounds like a great idea. Fresh herbs plus delicious recipes certainly go together hand in hand.

I love cookbooks. Besides providing me with delicious recipes, I find them interesting and full of information about life.
What about you?

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