Thursday, November 3, 2011

How To Stay Fit And Healthy - The Senior Citizens Way

As we age our metabolic rate slow down, so do a long list of our body functions. But we need not be resigned to a life of poor health and immobility. There are actually a number of beneficial activities that senior citizens can do to live an active and healthy life.

Swimming is an activity that is highly recommended. Injuries are rare as the body is supported by water. Moreover, swimming exercises the whole body, from the arm muscles to the leg muscles. You can set the pace at how fast or slow you prefer to swim.

Yoga is another type of exercise that appeals to senior citizens. The pace can be fast or slow, depending on the individual. Yoga movements are very good for improving the flexibility of the body muscles. Seniors tend to have stiffer muscles and slower reactions, sometimes resulting in injuries. Regular practice of yoga movements will result in greater mobility and more flexible muscle movements, thus avoiding injuries.

Tennis for seniors can be really fun. All the running back and forth to hit the ball not only work wonders for your muscles, but playing together with friends can also do wonders for your social life. There are even tennis tournaments for senior citizens whereby you can have some fun and excitement besides your dose of exercise.

Walking the dog is another great exercise. Walking around the neighborhood has great ambience, fresh air, keep muscles strong as well as catching up with friends who are also doing the same things. It is a fact that having a good circle of like-minded friends are great for spiritual health.

Something as simple as mall walking is also beneficial. Whether slow or brisk walking is also good for your bones. Looking at all the beautiful goods at the mall can also be pleasing to the eyes and soul. Indeed an enjoyable type of exercise. Walking of any type is good for bone density which translates to stronger bones and hopefully minimize fractures in case of accidental falls.

Dancing is truly a great sociable form of exercise. Ballroom dancing, line dancing or other slower versions are suitable. Fun and laughter are always present in a dancing group. Seniors not only have better mobility but a better quality life. There are even classes for those with limited mobility - dancing with hands movements.

For those who prefer to exercise at home, the elliptical trainer is a suitable choice for seniors. All the workout programs are low impact and gentle on the joints. The workouts involve the whole body muscles and they also have preset cardiovascular workouts for heart health.

Movements stimulate memory. Exercise is important in order to stay healthy and fit physically and mentally. These are some of the best as a start. Whatever exercise regime you decide to take up, safety as well as enjoyment are important considerations.

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