Saturday, September 3, 2011

Luxuries Of The Modern Life

Modern life is filled with state-of-art technology appliances that contribute to making our lives more relaxing and enjoyable as well as reducing our workload. HD and 3D television sets, highly mobile fast laptops, smart phones, cars, kitchen appliances and a whole lot more.

Take for example floor cleaning. During yesteryear's, grandma used to kneel and scrub the floor with a brush, using up a lot of time and energy. Fast forward to now, you have the canister vacuums and carpet cleaning machines which can do much faster and cleaner too. Robotic vacuums can even do the job for you with minimum supervision while you relax over a cup of coffee. Fantastic isn't it? Can you even imagined yourself kneeling and scrubbing the floor with a small brush?

With the advent of the Internet, the pace of life has gone even faster. The world wide web give us a sense of seamless boundaries. Information is just a click away. How much faster can you get? Just think of the slow mail.

However as with all things in life, there are always pros and cons, open to abuse. Internet addiction, Internet games addiction and Internet gambling addiction has become serious enough to warrant the setting up of 'boot camps' for such 'addicts', to cure them of their addiction. China is one such country where you can find such camps.

If we can make use of all these modern technology inventions to benefit us only, and not abuse their uses, then the world would indeed be a much better and happier place. Is it just wistful thinking I wonder.

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