Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sing Your Stress Away

Everyone has to deal with stress in one way or another. There are so many books written on the subject, with as many ways to de-stress. You must have heard or even done some of them, such as meditation, exercise, massages, aromatherapy, think positive, music and lots more. But have you ever tried singing as a way to relieve stress?

How does singing help us de-stress? By way of the meaningful words of the song, maybe a relaxing or uplifting melody together with the vibrations of the sound that travels through the body as you sing.

According to the sound therapists, our out-of-balance body that is physically as well as emotionally drained, can be brought back to balance with the use of the correct sounds and frequencies. Somehow, our central nervous system and brain is affected by certain frequencies and sounds. A good example is chanting, which has the ability to calm our mind and soul, by slowly down our respiration and heart rate.

So when you feel sad, sing an upbeat song or one which bring back memories of happy moments. Do it the way the kids do, sing without caring whether you have a nice voice.

Humming is also relaxing. Why, it can even be just a single note and you end up just as if you are meditating.

According to the experts, groaning loudly, right from your stomach, to your chest and out through your nose and mouth as you exhale, is a great way to get rid of tensions in your body.

The most well known is chanting, such as chanting a positive word or phrase. This helps to get rid of negative feelings, in other words, our stress.

Sometimes, just a simple breathing exercise is enough to slow and calm us down. Just breath deeply and slowly, focusing on each breath as you go along.

Or if you can't even be motivated to move yourself to do anything, then at least listen to specialist tapes that have recorded sounds that soothe and relax your mind and body.

So the next time you are caught in a traffic jam, open out your lungs and sing or hum to your heart's content.

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