Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feel The Power Of A Smart Nap

Should you or should you not nap? According to experts, a nap comes with a host of benefits, for health as well as productivity.

Most people start to feel sleepy by the time lunchtime is over. The morning alertness has long gone. In its place is a sluggish mind with heavy eyelids. Sounds familiar? Well, you are definitely not alone.

A short nap will boost production and performance as well as energy levels. Tests have shown that alertness and concentration is very much improved with just a 20-40 minutes nap. Of course, this helps if you have an understanding boss who knows the benefits of a smart nap. Military pilots were found to have improved performance after a 40 minute nap.

Tests have also proven that those who take short naps have a lower risk of coronary heart disease. The reason being given is that you experience lower blood pressure during sleep, which in turn minimizes the strain on your heart. This will lower your risk of suddenly collapsing from a deadly heart attack.

A smart nap in the afternoon relieve us from our daily stress. Take the nap as a type of rejuvenating program, which is good for our immune. Of course, a healthy immune means stronger resistance to all types of germs and sickness.

Another side benefit of the afternoon nap is weight loss, much sought after by most people, like you and me. Tired minds and bodies have an instinctive urge to search for sugary snacks for energy. A healthier version to recharge is through the nap instead.

Famous people like Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein enjoyed their afternoon naps. So let us not feel guilty about taking our naps.

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