Monday, August 29, 2011

A Bloated Tummy

A healthy diet only works if you have a healthy digestion system to go with it. Then only can you benefit from the nutritional value of the foods to have a strong immune system, one of your many ultimate goals in life.

A bloated tummy is one such digestive disorders. It is mainly due to excessive eating, swallowing air, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.

Eating less would be a first step. Next, reduce the portion of fatty foods and wheat products as these contribute to bloating.

Have the habit of chewing food slowly so as to minimize swallowing air together with your chewed food. Eat only until 80% full, just like the residents of Okinawa, Japan- a land famous for healthy centenarians. Of course, it helps if you consume less gas-forming foods like cabbage, onions, turnips, beans or drink less milk or beer. If you are having an extremely fiber-rich diet, you could end up with the bloated feeling too. Certain foods such as milk and sugar-rich foods, may cause bloating in some people. Or it could be due to lactose or gluten intolerance being the primary cause.

Herbs are recommended as simple home remedies for bloating. Most times, they taste nice and with no risks. Herbs such as peppermint are traditional cures for this ailment. The herb has the ability to cause the muscles in the intestinal wall to relax. It also causes an increase in saliva which in turn, aids swallowing and digestion.

Ginger is a spice which can help to relieve bloating. It is usually consumed by Chinese mothers after childbirth, to relieve 'wind' from their womb, in other words, remove bloating. It is also good for treating premenstrual stress, one of the causes of bloating.

Supplements such as probiotics aids digestion as well as boost absorption of nutrients, thus benefiting those who suffer from frequent bloating.

Exercise is good for overall health as well as a stress removal. Incorporate some daily exercise such as running on an elliptical machine, to have a healthy immune system.

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