Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green Your Bedroom

Everyone is talking about saving the environment, about using eco-friendly appliances such as the green cookware. Do you know that you can even make your room eco-friendly too?

Well, here are are a few simple ways to green your bedroom. Your bedroom no doubt will have some decorative and useful objects such as lamps and lampshades. Opt for lampshades made from recycled materials. They can be as beautiful as the non-recycled ones. Change your lighting to compact fluorescent light bulbs. These type of bulbs are energy-saving and more long-lasting. Try to make full use of natural lighting whenever you can, such as reading besides the open window.

As for your bedsheets, go for organic cotton bedding or the bamboo sheets. Organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides protects the environment. There is less soil erosion and loss of nutrients from the soil. As for bamboo bedding, only the soft fibers of the plant are used. The sheets are soft and has a silky touch to it. There is the added advantage of the thermal qualities of bamboo. They keep you warm when it is cold and cool when the temperature rises. What a smart way to save energy!

The same applies to curtains and soft furnishings. Buy curtains made from organic cotton, bamboo or recycled materials. Carpets are no difference. Look for those made from natural wool, cotton or hemp. Chemically treated carpets releases toxic VOC to the environment, damaging your health in the long term.

Another easy way is to paint your room using eco-friendly paint. These type of paints do not release toxic compounds, thus there is better indoor air quality. Better air quality is of course good for health, especially for those sensitive to all sorts of air pollutants.

Switching off lights whenever you leave the room saves energy. Same for the fans or even air-conditioners. Every little bit helps in protecting the environment and makes it a nicer place.

So let us all do our little bit to save the environment.

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