Saturday, August 27, 2011

Should You Go The Organic Way?

It is said that organic farming is growing at incredible pace everywhere. The world is now more knowledgeable about the benefits of eating food with no pesticides residue. Organic food is now easily purchased from major supermarket chains and not only from small health food stores that always seem to be located far away from your home and workplace.

What is so appealing about organic products? Absence of toxic chemicals during the growing stage as well as harvesting and preserving stage. Besides, organic produce are more nutrients dense as they are not so intensely farmed. This is even more true for organically reared animals. Intensely reared animals are routinely fed or injected with antibiotics and growth hormones as well as various drugs to prevent parasites, produce more lean meat, grow at great abnormal speed. If given a choice, would you choose these?

Organic produce benefits your health and the most significant and popular section is the baby foods section. No doubt all parents want the best for their little ones and not take chances where their health and growth are concerned. Foods grown organically do not deteriorate as fast as intensely farmed products. This is due to the reason that organically grown produce absorb more nutrients from the soil which is well balanced in mineral content, thus forming better cellular structures. This also contributes to better taste and flavor.

Organic farming benefits our environment. Intensive farming destroys the top soil whereas organic farming depends on living soil, practicing crop rotation and using organic compost manure, thus enhancing the fertility of the soil and reducing green house gas emission, and as such, ensuring sustainability for many years to come. It also protects biodiversity and natural resources.

So are you all for organic farming?

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