Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Way To Diet

"My waist and tummy bulges out like a 5 months pregnant lady - minus the baby." "The unsightly cellulite highly visible on my hips and upper thigh makes me depressed" These are common remarks you might hear from your friends regularly, yours truly included. As like most things in life, it can be rather successfully managed and maintained IF you are determined and disciplined enough.

The most important thing to control would obviously be your diet. In theory, it is rather simple, less calories equals less fat. But do you do it the wrong way like almost everyone else? You might hear a friend saying that she cuts down drastically on food so as to reduce calories intake., but is on the point of dying from starvation! But the only thing she succeeded in doing is just slowing down her metabolism and the burning of fat. Obviously she can't stay in starvation mode for long. The minute she resumes normal caloric intake, she might find her problem worse than before.

A better way would be to practise satiety, in other words, how full do you feel after a meal. The secret is to feel fuller on fewer calories, according to the Volumetrics Eating Plan. The more fuller you feel, you can expect to eat less when it is time for the next meal. The trick is to eat more low-energy dense foods, which has less calories, and less of the opposite. Thus the right choice of food is important than just consuming less food.

Water has the ability to give you a feeling of fullness, therefore water-rich foods add volume but not calories, perfect for that feeling of satiety with less calories consumed. Food naturally high in water content such as fruits, vegetables, cooked grains, beans or water-based meals such as nutritous soups and stews are nice choices. Adding fruits to your breakfast cereals is a great way to add water content and not calories to your meals. On the other hand, fat-free pretzels and cookies have low water content and you might end up eating more, thus contributing to calories.

If you are already on a weight-loss diet, you would be very familiar with the fact that fat contains 2 times the number of calories when compared to carbohydrate and protein. Besides, food with high fat content also has higher energy density. So it is better to take in less fat which translates to less calories. Good fats include those from seeds, nuts and vegetable oils.

Food rich in fiber is a good way to improve satiety. Fiber adds bulk to food and if taken together with water-rich foods, less is needed to feel full, a safe and effective way to lose weight.

A diet that centers on deprivation and too much restriction is doomed to fail. It is better to practise satiety, feeling full with fewer calories, but without the restriction of taste and choice.

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